Why Women Want Eyelashes Longer And How to Attain Beautiful And Long Eyelashes?

eyelashes longer 300x225 Why Women Want Eyelashes Longer And How to Attain Beautiful And Long Eyelashes?

Eyelashes Longer

Have you ever wondered why most women out there like to have their eyelashes longer? A movie from Disney channel entitled The Fox and The Hound depicted a lonely fox left in the woods. Upon seeing this, an owl asked her friend, a vixen, to cheer the lonely fox. The fox was initially attracted to the vixen when she looked at him straight in his eyes with her tantalizing blink and graceful long eyelashes.

Men are attracted to long eyelashes – a fact enjoyed by women with thick and long eyelashes but fancied by those who have none. Luckily, methods can now be practiced to make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker.

Most of these methods to have eyelashes longer rely on the proper use of eye curlers and mascaras. In order to achieve a beautiful looking eyelash, first, you have to curl your lashes to bring them together and create a unifying look. The curler must be close to the base of your eyelids as possible held in that manner for about five seconds. Second, the curler must then be moved gently upwards the eyelash which creates a more subtle look. Repeating this technique makes your lashes looking longer.

With regard to the use of mascara, techniques in using the applicator depend greatly on its shape. If it is curved, it should fit the contour of your eyes but if it is straight, you can hold it in whatever direction you are comfortable with as long as it is horizontal. The mascara brush should be placed on the underside of your upper eyelashes and it should be as close as possible to your eyelids. Next, the mascara applicator brush should be extended over the length of your eyelashes. Your eyelashes should have color all throughout, because light colored lashes look thinner so it is also important to use dark colored mascara. Then, reapplication of the mascara is needed to create a thick effect on your entire eyelashes.

Using a fake eyelash can be another option for you. Steps should be followed closely to ensure that your use of this product is bound to succeed. You must then examine whether the fake eyelash is wider than your eye. If this is the case, trimming it would be necessary. Trimming individual lashes would make it appear more natural also. Longer lashes should be found on the outer corner of the eye. Be sure also that there will be no visible gap between your real eyelash and the fake one. Next, glue should be applied first at the back of your hand so you can run your fake lashes on it freely. Before using it, make sure that the glue is not runny. Then, gently pick up the fake lashes with tweezers and carefully press it from end to end to allow setting of the glue so that by the time you lift your fingertips, your fake lashes will not come along. Applying mascara after is also important in bonding the fake lashes with your real eyelashes. Lastly, to create a more natural look, applying eyeliner would enable you to cover the gaps between your lashes.

As you consider these methods that would make your eyelashes longer to look at, one method would prove favorable for you that the rest. However, if none of these methods would work, you may want to reconsider other options also. Remember that finding a method that would not put your health under risk is better. After all, you cannot enjoy your beautiful lashes if you cannot see them or you have developed health problems.

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