Eyelashes Longer – Make Your Beautiful Eyelashes Longer by Fake Eyelashes And Enhancements

In the movie Shrek, Puss in Boots usually gets what he wants by using his ultimate weapon – his begging eyes. This is depicted with big round eyes and it is commonly known as “puppy eyes” which is often associated with kids asking for favor from their parents. This is true because big eyes are linked with youth. No wonder, when women use upturned eyelashes, which create an illusion of bigger eyes, they look years younger. However, this could not be the case always since women’s eyelashes vary in fullness and appearance.

If you are not so lucky to have been born with curly lashes, there are a lot of things worth trying to make eyelashes longer. The first one is through the use of eyeliner. It is important to use the kind which is darker than your natural eyelash color to achieve a thick-looking eyelash. Extending it also towards the corner of your eyes would make you look like having a longer eyelash. You can also use eyelash curlers to develop the look you wanted. Flat eyelashes appear short because of the angle they are seen. An eyelash curler can change this look by giving your lashes extra “bounce” and volume. However, using this method should be properly done since curlers are always associated with plucking of lashes
Make-ups can help you look more beautiful and make eyelashes longer the artificial way.  However, it is important to remove make-ups before going to bed. Make-ups can harm your eyelashes if you let it stay over a long period of time. Failure to remove make-ups would make it difficult for you to employ techniques on making your lashes grow longer.

Fake eyelashes can solve your problem, too. Most celebrities do this to create a “doe eye” look. This can be difficult at first since this can prove challenging and puzzling. Regular using of fake eyelashes, however, will help you enjoy the product over time.
Eyelash extensions on the other hand, are becoming popular nowadays. Professionally applied extensions look beautiful and more natural. It enhances the way your lashes look also. It takes a couple of hours in performing this procedure and its potency lasts for months with regular re-touches.
Eyelash enhancing drugs and over-the-counter solutions can be of great help in making your eyelashes longer also. These drugs are approved by the FDA and some of which are budget-friendly, too.

Some women cannot go out of the house without wearing make-ups, however, if you can tolerate a day without it, it’s much better. Applying eye shadow and eyeliner “disturbs” your eyelash follicles which causes them to fall out. Going natural for a day will help your lashes relax a bit.

Women include long eyelashes to their category of beauty. This holds true with men also. Using methods mentioned above can help you achieve your desire to make eyelashes longer.

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