Make Eyelashes Grow For Whatever Reason

A study conducted by a psychologist explains why men sought women with long and upturned lashes. The logic is simple – long, beautiful eyelashes are connected with beauty and youth which in turn promises health and fertility. These factors subconsciously led men to be lured by long eyelashes of women. On the other hand, women will do everything they could to pursue them.

As it is coveted by most women, a lot of them turn to prescription creams and drops to enhance growth of luscious eyelashes. However, there is no better way to grow your eyelashes compared to the natural way of doing this. One of this ways is by the use of almond oils.

Countries like India had been using almond oil to grow hairs as it help condition and prevent breakage. It is also commonly used for aromatherapy and massage treatments. Almond oil is rich in fatty acids which is an ideal lubricant and moisturizer. Having these attributes, almond oil can be effective in promoting growth of eyelashes because it nourishes and moisturizes the skin around them. It also contributes to luster and radiance of eyelashes.

Almond oil can be applied to eyelashes before bedtime. A drop of it should be massaged lightly into eyelashes focusing on its roots. It should be massaged up to the tips of lashes. Its effect may not be visible for a while. A four to six weeks allowance can be enough to spot changes in your eyelashes.

Another product believed to enhance the growth of eyelashes is petroleum jelly. Vaseline, to be specific helps to make eyelashes grow longer. It should be applied from root to tip of eyelashes with clean fingertips or a clean eye brush. Some who have applied this claimed that this is ineffective. However, whether or not it actually makes them grow, it conditions eyelashes which help them appear longer.

Eyelash curlers are also common to women. It is used to create a lengthy look in your eyelashes. Although it had been a popular practice, use of this tool should be moderated as it promotes eyelash breakage and pulling out. Using this tool once in a while or during occasions may be administered also.
It is also important to moisturize from within if you want your eyelashes to grow naturally. Eating oil rich foods such as walnuts, almonds and avocados can help in promoting growth of your lashes. Avoid drinking soda rich drinks and caffeine concentrated beverages because it poses hindrance in growing your eyelashes. Water is the best hydrant that can keep your body toxin-free since it flushes away any impurities.

Whatever techniques and methods you will use, always bear in mind that the best way to promote eyelash beauty is through eye safety. Keep your applicators clean and sterile. If you use your hands in applying products that enhance growth of eyelashes, it is important to do so with clean hands to prevent any impurity or dirt from coming in contact with your eyes. Doing this will prevent you from developing an eye infection.

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