How Eyebrows Grow And Tips To Create Beautiful Eyebrows

A husband asked his wife to trim down her eyebrows because he does not like the way she looks on the webcam. Therefore the wife was so serious in looking for ways to shape her brows and even questioned how eyebrows grow.

The movie Princess Diaries featured Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, as a not so sophisticated looking girl until her grandmother, the queen of Genovia, found her in the outskirts of San Francisco. She “reformatted” Mia’s looks, one of which is trimming down her brows – as what she described as “bushes” covering the beautiful eyes of Mia.

These two situations show that our eyebrows play an important role in our looks. Thick eyebrows diminish femininity and beauty that’s why trimming it down had been one of the chief concerns of many. Some women are lucky enough to have thin brows which they do not have to trim often and maintain its shape. But for those who are not born lucky, how do you keep your eyebrows as attractive as possible?

Eyebrows grow as you age and it depends on a lot of things. Eyebrows thicken as one reaches puberty. This is a fact that you have to face. It is also inevitable. However, eyebrows are important in many aspects. First, they help in conveying your emotions. Can you imagine a person showing how shocked he is without raising his eyebrows? It could look absurd and worst of all, it looks unrealistic. Second, eyebrows have important roles in your face. It prevents sweat and rain from dripping directly to your eyes, it shades your eyes from direct sunlight and it acts as a barrier preventing your eyes from small objects such as debris and dandruff. Without eyebrows your eyes are prone to dangers which could harm it temporarily or permanently.

To create beautifully shaped eyebrows, first, brush it upwards and carefully trim the excess hair above your natural arch. Be careful also in taking off too much hair or it will make your brows appear “bald”. Second, you must be aware of the beginning and end of your brows. It must begin right above your tear duct and end above the corner of your eye. Taking off too much eyebrow would make its shape appear slanting thus making you look angry. Lastly, if you are using tweezers, you have to be careful in plucking beyond your natural arch. Excessive plucking to achieve a desired shape would mean difficulty in growing your eyebrow back to its natural shape.

How eyebrows grow will always remain a question for ladies who can’t just have enough of their looks. But it is advisable that in trimming your eyebrows, it is important not to overdo it, because a sincere man will love you no matter what or how you look like.

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